We created this site to encourage  person to person giving, and recycling.
The" Baby Boomer" generation  exceeds 73,000,000 in 2021, with around 10,000 people a day entering this category.  This generation did not have the access to the digital world we have now, so many, books, cd's, cassettes, dvd's, games,  generations of phones, tablets, etc, have been accumulated, and in our case is taking up too much space.  Personally, we plan to list many items in the free category as a way to pay it forward, and recycle useful items. 

 In addition we plan to donate  a significant percentage of the net income if any, to the following organizations in no particular order.  Please do some research and donate as well if you can.

1.  World Central Kitchen-Provides food around the world-over 200 million meals served.

2.  One Tree Planted-Plants trees around the world and planted over 23 million trees in 2021.

3. Andre Agassi Foundation for Education-not-for-profit private charity dedicated to providing educational opportunities and resources to an otherwise underserved population.

4. Serving up Hope-Provides tennis and Stem programming for underprivileged children in Kampala, Uganda, and Los Angeles Ca., Bothell and Sea Tac Washington, Chicago and is continuing to grow with more sites soon.

5. Roger Federer Foundation-supports educational programs in South Africa and Switzerland, for over 18 years, benefitting almost 2 million children.

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