Example 1.  if you have used video games and want to gift them to someone  directly, this is the site for you.  You register, upload a photo and description of the video games.   At this point you can indicate that the items is for local pick up/meet up, or if your willing to pay for the shipping, and the recipient gets the item 100% free (a very cool random act of kindness!). That will be an option when you upload the item.

Example 2.  You have an old Iphone 6 that you want to recycle. You can list it with a $2.00 handling fee and the shipping cost of $8.40.   The total cost to receive the item is $10.40. The recipient pays you via Venmo or Paypal,  etc, and you ship the item.  This is still essentially a free gift from you and a below market value for the phone for the recipient.  You may also list the item for local pick-up.

Another option is to use Roadie.com  or Uber Delivery, same day delivery services.  You can set up a free account, get an estimate on the delivery cost, and then either charge for or gift the cost of the delivery of the item.


  1. Accounts will be free.  This is for unlimited listing and limited receiving of 1 free item per month, and 2 almost free items per month. (Initial limits until site expands).  Our preference will be to keep the site free as long as possible, or utilize some advertising to defray operational costs.
  2. See FAQ section for more details.

A simple method of shipping is to use the US Postal Service flat rate shipping system.  Using this system you can get free boxes or shipping envelopes and they charge a flat rate for shipping.  For example a padded envelope that is 12 ½ inches by 9 ½ inches costs approximately $8.75 to ship.  (some third party vendors exist that ship slightly cheaper).  The supplies are free from the USPS, and they will even pick up from your home or business address for shipping.  You set up an account with USPS, www.usps.com.  You can probably put 3 or 4 games in one padded envelope.   So…. If the video games have a retail value used for $30 to $60, then the recipient will either get the games free or pay your shipping cost and handling fee, of say $10.00 total.

  This is also a great way to get the kids and family involved in a giving project.  Simply have the family members gather 10 items each that they want to donate directly to someone and list the items on this site.