1. Membership accounts are free,  and gives you the opportunity to upload an unlimited amount in both the free and almost free sections. Since the accounts are free it would be great if you list some items in either category when you sign up.  
  2. Receiving limits.  To start, the receiving limit is 2 free items, and up to 5 "almost free" items per month.  This may increase as the number of items increases on the site.  
  3. Handling fees are optional, however handling fees should  not exceed $10.00 for any single item, and ideally should be under $5.00 per item.  We understand that there are processing fees to PayPal, and your time to pack and ship items, or meet and arrange for local pick up.
  4. Items may be listed for pickup or other arrangements for local delivery.  Please indicate a city, state, and or zip code in the items description if you are interested in listing items for local pick up only.  Consider meeting  in public safe locations if doing a local meet up.  Free Pile is not segregated by areas, so listings may occur from all over the country.  The shipping option is not required.
  5. The shipping costs should be the actual costs of shipping from USPS, UPS, Fed Ex. etc.
  6. Almost Free items should be priced below typical market prices as this is meant to be more of a recycling and giving site.  Otherwise one should use other e-Commerce sites.
  7. There are no guarantees that either free or almost free items will always be available.  Ideally members will post items regularly.
  8. Once you log in to the site, in order to post items for either the free pile or almost free pile, you must click on to the "click here to start giving"  or stat giving line..  Then you create a second account for giving purposes that can be the same password and log in.

Up loading items to the site.

1. Take photos of the items.

2. Go to your "store"

3. Upload the photo by clicking on the photo and selecting size,  (usually small or medium). then click use.

4. Enter a name of the item and type as well as description.  You can skip inventory.

5. Add a price- can be zero in the free pile or a fixed price including shipping and handling if any in the almost free store.

6. Quantity is usually 1 unless you have multiple items that are the same.

7. Go to collections on the right and you choose  Free Pile (if 100% free) or Almost  Free, and indicate a price.

8. Hit save changes, and your item will post.

9. remember to indicate a city, state, and or zip code if the item is for local pick up or delivery.

You can use a computer, phone or iPad, and upload items in minutes.  After you upload the item it's easy to just put items aside for pick up, or place them  in a shipping envelope and it will be ready to go when someone selects the item.  Then you just print a shipping label, pay for it then ship the item.


General membership rules:

1. Listings-Listings should be in the categories of household goods, books, toys, games, cd's, dvd's, movies, sporting goods, electronics,  new or slightly used clothing.  Larger items such as usable furniture, tools etc. can be listed for local pickup or delivery.  Item's that are not acceptable include weapons of any kind, any adult x-rated material, drugs, or consumable food items.

2. All items listed must be in good working order and not need repair, unless it is usable and has cosmetic blemishes.

3.  All items that are reserved to be received, by shipping, shall pay shipping and handling if any, at the time of reservation, and  supply an acceptable address and contact information. (e-mail).  Items that are listed only for local pick-up or other arrangements should be stated in the description section when the photo is uploaded, along with a city or zip code.  You can also identify a local neighborhood if you want to limit items to your neighborhood, with the associated city and zip code.

4.  Upon receiving a reservation the giving party,  should make arrangements for pick up/delivery  or pack and ship the item within 48-72 hours hours and if shipped provide a tracking number to the recipient.

5.  Free Pile does not take any percentage of the transaction, or will be involved in any shipping or collections between parties.

6.  Items listed on this site are for local pick up/delivery, or shipping and delivery in the United States.  We may set up for other countries in the future.

Local pick up

You can list items for local pick up only instead of shipping.  

Items for pick up only should be listed in the description and a city, state and or zip code should be provided.  Please do not list your actual address, or phone number  in the listing area.  Once someone selects the items you should make arrangements for pick up or delivery privately in a safe manner.  For example meeting in a Police Station parking lot.


A simple way to ship small items and generate tracking numbers, is to use the USPS priority mail flat rate shipping program.

The supplies are free and can be delivered to your home, including padded envelopes, and small to large boxes.  You can also pick them up at any post office.  The shipping costs range from approximately $9.00-$22.00 for flat rate shipping depending on the envelope or box sizes.  

Shipping costs are a flat rate and get delivered in 1-3 days as priority mail. It includes insurance up to $50.00 and weight can be up to 70 lbs.

You can schedule free pick ups at home or business.

For example a large flat rate padded envelope is 12 1/2 " x 9 1/2" and will ship for around $9.00. You can fit a number of books, cd's dvd's, video games etc in one envelope.

Go to for more information.  It takes about 5 minutes to set up an account, and once your set up you can get free supplies, and print labels is a few minutes. 

Other simple methods include UPS, FedEx, or other 3rd party shipping services.

Whenever possible save the shipping containers you receive and recycle them for an item you are sending.

Check out a  company that you can set up a free account and use for local delivery.  Costs vary by location and distance, but might be an easy way to complete quick local delivery.

Also check Uber Delivery a more recent service that can deliver items within a city that has the delivery option.  Rates will vary by distance.