1.Membership accounts are FREE, and gives you the opportunity to upload an unlimited amount in both the free and almost free sections. 

2.Receiving limits. To start, the receiving limit is 2 free item and up to 5 "almost free" items per month. This may increase as the number of items increases on the site. There are no guarantees that items in either categories will on the site. It is dependent on the members to post items.

3.Handling fees are recommended to not  exceed $10.00 for any single item, and ideally should be under $5.00 per item. We understand that there are processing fees to PayPal, and your time to pack and ship items.

4.The shipping costs should be the actual costs of shipping from USPS, UPS, Fed Ex. etc.

5.Almost Free items should be priced below typical market prices as this is meant to be more of a recycling and giving site. Otherwise one should use other e-Commerce sites.

6. Local pick ups are recommended to save shipping and help the environment.  Please use safe meet up or drop off locations or local delivery services.

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